Green Mountain Grills vs. Traeger

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Enjoying a good BBQ cannot be tastier and healthier with the help of Grills, grills are conventional cooking tools that help reduce fats from food/meat because of the excess fat drips off the grates with the help of heat from the smoke unlike frying that the fat is reabsorbed by the meat in the pan.

Green mountain grills and Traeger grills are not your conventional grills; they are more than grills. They are called pellets grills, unlike traditional grills, that use charcoal as a source of heat.

These grills use tiny wood pellets and are 100% wood; the wood goes into the hopper at the side of the grill it feeds into a fire pit and from the middle of the grill it lights on fire and smokes inside the chamber of the grill which comes out from a little chimney at the side.

Technically, this grill uses this small pellets as fuel and the pellets last four to 5 smoking sessions per pellets bag. They can bake, grill and smoke, these two pellet grills are the best in the market, and above the standard, they come with amazing utilities that is why we have brought them head to head for a general review to see which is best.

Green Mountain Grills vs. Traeger

Size and durability

The Traeger being the first pellet grills to exist is extraordinary in design, every bit of added steel is to maximize the efficiency and wonderful experience of taste, versatility and consistency and community, yes Traeger comes with 646 square inches of cooking space, it’s interior can fit 32 hot dogs, 24 burgers, 6 chicken and some smoked ribs, enough for the whole family.

The steel construction is robust, reliable and powder coating makes it an anti-sticky agent, this can last for all the grilling years to come.

Gmg, unlike Traeger, comes with more power steel of 13 gauge steel lid, and 14 gauge steel body thicker than the Traeger even more durable for a lifetime smoking, you wouldn’t have to worry about wear and tear by heat in the steel lid after many years of smoking.

Want to have some bbq with some of your friends before the big game or tailgate?.the Gmg is just for you, it comes in a smaller cooking space unlike the Traeger, it features more than 200 square inches cooking space.

User flexibility

The Traeger comes in four easy glide wheels to make your grilling mobile and locking casters to ensure it stays put where packed; you can choose to BBQ, bake, smoke, roast or braise just anywhere.

Also, the Traeger features 11 settings digital thermostat, easy start button and an ash collecting bucket for that sophisticated grilling experience.

You just fill in the pellets, set in your food at the desired temperature and keep your eyes fixed as your food cooks, giving you a non-smoky taste while still retaining every flavor, unlike the regular grill.

The GMG pellet grill also comes in a portable folded leg that can be used as handles; this makes it easier to tailgate and fit into most truck and trunk, with three power adaptor options you can be BBQ ready anywhere.

The GMG too can be used for versatility, like bake, roast, smoke and braising, the most distinctive feature that makes GMG stand out is it comes with a Wi-Fi digital controller that helps control temperature, monitor your food from anywhere through an app on your phone, a meat probe and a thermosensor which steadily monitors the temperature of the grill.


The Traeger comes with a digital led controller for temperature control that makes it clear to read, so setting your grill is just as easy as setting an oven, the Traeger can go down to 20 degrees cooking on low and slow and go as high as 450 degrees for baking setting too hot and fast.

The GMG has versatile temperature control as you can smoothly view and control temperature directly from your phone, the temperature can go down to 1 degree and high temperature ranging from 550- 800 degrees. Checking and monitoring what’s cooking from anywhere has never been cooler. The Wi-Fi interface isn’t quite easy to use though.


Traeger grills provide a three-year warranty for their grills; amazingly they also pay for servicing of your grill within these three years. Your warranty gets void when you use any other wood pellets that aren’t Traeger.

Our Wi-Fi enabled GMG grill too also comes in 3-year warranty, unlike Traeger you can use any wood pellets from other manufacturers this wouldn’t affect your warranty.


You can become a pro griller even if you have never handled a grilled before; Both grills are the best pellet grills in the market, should you want to choose a winner, it is left to you. So far for this review, the GMG is the win for us, considering the added advantages.


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